The Planters are Expanding


We got our hands on some more pallets and have built some new planters, continuing up to the front end of the carport. They don’t look like much now but with the cedar cladding they will look a bit more presentable. We also set up the rain collection barrel on the carport slab and will soon hook it into the drainpipe there. Then we won’t have to use our well water quite as much to water the garden in the summer. We should probably install a few more barrels to be totally independent of the well… ha.

05_27_2014_27 05_27_2014_28  05_27_2014_30


  1. Wow, that is so cool looking! What a great idea to up cycle those pallets. We had a few, but my husband didn’t feel like making anything with them. I think I’ll show him your post! I can’t wait to see more! ~amy

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