Free Chairs!


There have been some folks on the island doing some spring cleaning and the benefit for the rest of us is that there have been many garage sales. This weekend there was a garage sale on Saturday (I was in town so I didn’t check it out), but then on Sunday everything left over was given away for free. Free! We went by to check it out and left with two chairs… freeeeee.



They need some cleaning and new upholstery (let’s add this to the list of furniture items I have to refinish now, ha) but the bones are good and both are super comfy. J has been going on and on about a wingback chair for ages now so he’s pretty happy about this find. And the orange one is super comfortable… all the pets are already trying to claim them as theirs.

06_02_2014_09 06_02_2014_06  06_02_2014_04 06_02_2014_03 06_02_2014_02


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