Thrift Scores: Knitting Machine!


I have always wondered how knitting machines worked and thought it might be fun to try one out. Well, today my dream came true when J found a knitting machine at the GIRO for just $15.


There were a bunch of other knitting goodies in the box including old issues of knitting magazines and this super vintage looking pamphlet of patterns. All the accessories for the machine seem to be here, and I’m going to set it up on the drawing table downstairs.

06_07_2014_04 06_07_2014_03

I may need some help in figuring out how to use it as I haven’t had a VCR for like a decade hahaha.

06_07_2014_02 06_07_2014_01


I also snagged this cute little shelf for knick knacks (probably my owl collection, because I’m an elderly woman like that). With a coat of paint it will kitschy and adorable, Now where to put it…


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