We Have Fruit Trees


As mentioned previously, our property has a small orchard to the side of the house, as well as a line of trees at the bottom of the yard. They are fruit trees, but we aren’t 100% sure what kind. Well, today we checked them out and some are already sprouting fruit so we made an inventory of what we have.


The side yard contains 1 cherry tree, 2 apple trees (not sure what kind of apples) and 2 other trees that haven’t flowered yet. The bottom of the yard has 4 plums trees that are LOADED with plums already! There is one more cherry tree at the top of the yard, and the 2 hazelnut trees on the side by the planters are still going strong. I’m looking forward to seeing what the two mystery trees are, and whether we get any cherries from the tree in the front yard (the neighbour seems to think it’s an ornamental tree, and he’s been here a lot longer than we have so maybe he’s right).


In my experience cherries are hard to harvest on time because the raccoons eat them the second they appear. We had a cherry tree in our yard as kids and didn’t know it was a cherry tree for many, many years because we never saw a single cherry… they were all eaten right away!


Here are some more pictures from the yard:


The rhubarb is outta control. It was overshadowing the short rosemarys we had in the planter to the left, so we transplanted them and replaced them with a jerusalem artichoke we bought at a roadside stand. We have already transplanted both the oregano plants and the two catmint plants that were originally planted in with them. J said the rhubarb would get big but I didn’t believe him. Ha.


The raspberry canes we bought from another islander are starting to flesh out at the base which is great. The bees looooove the flowers!


The chickpeas, calendula and cilantro we all grew from seed are getting big and healthy! We have finally been discovered by the deer, so there are a few hoof prints in the onion patch and a bunch of the fennel has been eaten. We are using black piping and chicken wire to make covers for the beds to prevent munching.


The calendulas are blooming!


We don’t know what these are, but there are quite a few of them in the yard! They are so vibrant – the photo above hasn’t been altered at all!


We also have a huge number of blackberry brambles winding through the landscaping in the centre of the property. So many berries…


  1. I’ve been wanting to start gardening for so long… basically everything you have and more. I can’t wait until I have a house where I can. Hopefully in a couple of weeks actually. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you. Love all of your pics!

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