We Got Chickens!


J has been looking forward to chickens for months now, and the day has finally come! When we went to pick up those raspberry canes a while back we arranged with the wonderful woman who owns the property to purchase some baby chickens she had hatching. There were 2 successful chicks in this batch and we brought them home on Friday at 6 weeks of age. We have a few more coming when they are old enough, but for now we are working to make Bubble and Squeak comfortable.


^ Squeak


^ Bubble

06_13_2014_09  06_14_2014_03 06_14_2014_04  06_14_2014_06

In their new home! The coop is secure, but the run needs a bit more work before it’s mink/raccoon proof. I’ll post more pictures when it’s complete.


The local grocery store puts boxes of old produce out back for people to take to their chickens and/or rabbits, and today we scored a box with chard, apples, tomatoes, carrots, celery, potatoes and onions (not for chickens or bunnies but maybe for planting or pickling). YUM.


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