Sprouting a Lemon Tree


I’ve been experimenting with seeds lately by planting the pits and seeds from the fruits and vegetables I eat. Some seeds have sprouted including a lemon seed and some pink lady apples. We had a sprouting mango seed but it seems to have died. No fear, I’ve placed another 3 into a peat moss bag and have crossed my fingers. We’ve also failed with a few avocado pits but have plenty more to keep trying until we get one that works. Here are some pics of the sprouts we have going right now, and a few pictures of the progress on the greenhouse.


^ Lemon sprout!


^ Pink lady apple sprout! Apple seeds are the easiest to grow, after splitting open the apple core I’ve found that most times the seeds are already sprouted and ready to be planted.

06_17_2014_08 06_17_2014_09


^ Ginger sprout

Some other seedlings we have growing:

06_17_2014_02   06_17_2014_05 06_17_2014_06

^ Celery


^ Black pepper starters

06_17_2014_10 06_17_2014_11 06_17_2014_12

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  1. […] Back in 2014 I went on a spree of sprouting things from various seeds in my food, inspired by Don’t Throw it Grow It. Well, a bunch of stuff didn’t work out, but we did manage to keep two avocado trees healthy and happy up to this point! I just wanted to share a photo of how big they have gotten. Who knows if we will ever actually get fruit off them, but they look super nice regardless. We steaked the larger of the two yesterday and transferred it to a larger pot. It’s taller than the table! […]

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