WWLSR: Seasons 4-6


It’s time for the next installment of WWLSR! This entry covers seasons 4, 5, and 6.

Season 4 – September 24, 1992 to May 13, 1993


se06ep07 – Season 4 started out pretty slow; Lisa wasn’t shown with any books until episode 11! *dramatic sigh* BUT there were a few dream sequences that were based on knowledge held by Lisa so I have included them. In episode 7 the family sits around the dinner table talking about Marge taking a job at the power plant and Lisa supports the idea, citing the working relationship of Pierre and Marie Curie – which prompts Bart to have a radioactive giant fantasy about the couple. She is sharing knowledge on historical figures so I think we should read about it! Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie is a great title *selection #11*


se04ep11 – Lisa reads the Springfield Journal of Cardiology when it is announced that Homer must undergo a triple bypass.


se04ep12 – Lisa imagines herself hooked up to a sci-fi-esque learning contraption that takes her to 1200 A.D. and provides Genghis Khan as host to a private lesson on history. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World would be a great book to learn more about GK *selection #12*



se04ep18 – In yet another dream sequence Lisa tells the story of April Fool’s Day, a calendar day that has roots in Pagan Ritual. A book on Paganism would be interesting, but I haven’t found a good title yet.


se04ep18 – As Bart and Lisa sit down to write an episode of Itchy and Scratchy, Lisa references the book “How to get Rich Writing Cartoons” – which is obviously not a real book but rather a dig at writers/cartoons in general (a popular joke topic on the Simpsons).


se04ep20 – List and Marge read an untitled book on the couch as Homer prepares for Whacking Day. (Fun fact: in this episode Bart reads a copy of Johnny Tremain, but Lisa never commented on it so who cares haha)

Season 5 – September 30, 1993 to May 19, 1994


se05ep05 – Lisa and Bart sneak into the basement of Mr. Burn’s castle in the season 5 Treehouse of Horror where they then confirm he is a vampire by discovering his autobiography “Yes, I Am A Vampire” by Monty Burns (forward by Steve Allen). Too bad this isn’t a real book because it would be great! LOTS of other vampire books out there though…



se05ep06 – When Marge makes a donation to a local TV station pledge drive she is awarded two tickets to the ballet. Homer is initially excited, though only because he is under the impression that “ballet” is a bear riding around in a little car… Lisa shows him what ballet actually is at the breakfast table with a book simply entitled “Ballet”.


se05ep12 – Lisa is reading another untitled book on the couch with Marge when Bart comes home to ask Marge and Homer if he can accept a job offer from Krusty the Clown. Later in the episode Lisa sits at the breakfast table reading Bart’s biography, commenting that it came out pretty quickly and isn’t even about him (it’s mostly about Ross Perot and contains excerpts from the Oliver North trial).

se05ep12_02 se05ep12_04

At the end of the episode Lisa is shown sitting on the couch with a book, but again no title is shown.



se05ep17 – Once again, in this episode Lisa sits on the couch reading an untitled book with Marge.

Season 6 – September 4, 1994 to May 21, 1995


se06ep02 – Lisa finds herself in competition with the new girl at school, Allison, and works overtime to create a diorama that outshines hers for the school diorama competition. Lisa handcrafts all 75 characters from Oliver Twist and simulates a snow storm (only to then blow the diorama out the window). Oliver Twist! *selection #13*


se06ep05 – Side Show Bob rigs the election and Lisa and Bart are out to prove it. The image above is of Lisa reading the phone book, but hey that counts as a book, right?


se05ep08 – In the beginning of this episode Lisa reads on the floor in front of the TV as Bart does his homework and Homer drinks a beer. No title is shown.


se06ep10 – Lisa visits the bookstore with the family and picks up two books; Sane Planning, Sensible Tomorrow by Al Gore, and a biography of Peter Ueberroth (for just 99 cents!) Al Gore doesn’t actually have a book by that name, but we can definitely read An Inconvenient Truth *selection #14* Peter Ueberroth does in fact have a biography entitled “Made in America: His Own Story” and if you’re into sports and baseball then by all means pick it up.

se06ep10_02 se06ep10_03


se06ep16 – The Simpsons go to Australia! Lisa reads a book on Australia to Homer in the airport.


se06ep21 – In this episode the school teachers go on strike and Lisa nearly loses her mind. She is shown reading books at the table and exclaims that she is losing her perspicacity when only able to find two synonyms for ‘relax’. Again, no titles are shown.



se06ep24 – In this episode (one of my favourites!) Bart sneaks into Shelbyville with Milhouse, Nelson, Martin, Database and Todd Flanders to take back their lemon tree. When Marge asks Lisa where he is Lisa is sitting at the breakfast table reading an untitled book.


That sums up seasons 4, 5 and 6. More to come!!


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