Book Review: I, Vampire

ivampireRead for: the feminist science fiction journey continues

Rating: 3/5

What did I just read? This book was about a vampire in space. More specifically, a lesbian vampire in love with a telepathic alien fish in the body of Virginia Woolf who sells celebrity sperm for a living. Also they go to space. WHERE DID THIS BOOK COME FROM. Aside from the sheer wackiness of the plot and characters, this was a pretty funny little blast. Just 206 pages it was easy to finish quickly, and the writing style was very comedic.

Included in this brief novel were frequent progressive statements about vegetarianism, the destruction humans wage on the planet, sexual orientation affecting employability, reproductive rights and women’s freedom to choose, and the vast ignorance of human beings in general. The Virginia Woolf character, being an alien being, in particular had some very funny and totally true observations on humanity. All ideas were very lightly explored, however, if at all, given the length of the story. None-the-less, an interesting little jaunt through a feminist science fiction story published the year I was born.

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