Arrggg Aphids!


APHIDS! What a bunch of jerks. These little bugs have taken over several plants in the greenhouse, namely the basil and pepper plants, but are also latching on to our delicate seedlings and in general wreaking a lot of havoc. In the past like 90% of my balcony plants have been destroyed by aphids – either the bugs themselves or by my failed attempts at controlling them (soapy/oily sprays, etc) WELL this time we have too much invested in our greenhouse to sit back and let the aphids take over so we ordered a bundle of ladybugs from Ontario. They arrived quickly and we released them last night… success!



I’ve got to say, getting a sack of live bugs in the mail is a little weird. Very few of them died on the journey which made me really happy… I sort of assumed a large portion of them would perish on the trip but they were definitely alive and kicking when I opened the box!


Look at those ladies go! They have been munching aphids all night and morning and have already seemed to make a difference. This lemon basil is particularly swarmed with aphids, but I hope it can be saved with the help of the ladies!

07_11_2014_02 07_11_2014_03 07_11_2014_04


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