Leela’s Recovery


Leela had a tough week last week. As mentioned briefly a few posts back, she fell ill and shockingly miscarried two baby bunnies we didn’t know she was carrying. She’s only about 3.5 months old, and I had read that female bunnies don’t reach sexual maturity until the age of 5-6 months. Regardless, I separated Fry and Leela almost a month ago to be extra careful. I guess I was already too late… though Leela gave us no clues. She hadn’t started building a nest and her behaviour was largely the same up until last week. She began making crying sounds whenever Fry passed in front of her cage during his time out, and seemed to be becoming distressed at his presence. During her time out to run around, she was either sitting in one spot or hiding under furniture.

Then on Thursday I came down in the morning and she had urinated all over herself and not cleaned it up. I also noticed that she had only passed a few extremely soft poos and none of her normal pellets. I gently rinsed her belly and back legs in the sink and set her up on the chair with some kale. She was continuing to eat, so I doubted it was an intestinal blockage or stasis, though the lack of poo was alarming. She became very lethargic and cried anytime I tried to pick her up. She was obviously in pain of some sort, so I called the vet and brought her over there immediately. She was checked out and during the exam she peed on the table, and there was blood in the urine. She was prescribed some antibiotics as the vet felt she had an infection of some kind. We brought her home and made sure she had some greens and tried to get her to drink some water.

In the morning not much had seemed to have changed, there was zero poo in the cage and she hadn’t had any water or pellets all night. We gave her the antibiotics and let her rest. I left her for about half an hour and when I returned she was sitting on the upper level of her cage by a pile of blood and what I thought were guts. I completely lost my mind and called J over as I got the vet on the phone. J looked closer at the blood (I thought she had disemboweled herself somehow or had some other sudden injury) and said that the mess was actually two bunny fetuses. The vet advised us to remove the mess and watch her closely, which we did. She began to perk up following the incident and by the next day was pooping and drinking again. We cancelled our plans to go to Victoria over the weekend so we could stay and monitor Leela, and she made a speedy recovery – thank goodness! She is back to normal now, running around and binkying and eating and pooping like mad.

It’s scary when a beloved pet falls ill, and I was very worried that she was going to die. I am absolutely over the moon that she has recovered and now that Fry is 6 months of age I’ve made the appointment for his neutering. When Leela reaches 6 months she will be getting spayed as well. Until then they will be 100% separated! It’s important to be a responsible pet owner, and I love these bun buns with all of my heart.


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