J got more chickens… 7 more to be exact. Now we have 9 wonderful chickens to chase around haha. This round are just 4 weeks old, and my goodness are they ever ugly. I say that with love of course! Just like awkward pre-teens… The original plan was to get them when they were 8 weeks of age but the mother seems to have gotten over the idea of mothering and began to compete with them for food, so the woman raising them asked us to take them early. Bubble and Squeak are not sure what to think of this development, but hopefully they will become friends quickly. For anyone who is curious, these chickens are all to be pets and for egg collection only. Not meat.



Chicken’s first selfie!


I can’t get over the hilarity of the chick that looks like it’s wearing a wig and mustache!! I’ve been laughing at this picture for like 12 hours.


So far we have named the two grey ones Patty and Selma, the dark one Pickles, and the very light creme one Butters. We still have to find names for the lightly speckled white one and the two ginger ones.



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