A Pile of Practical Thrifty Finds

07_14_2014_03We have been having a heat wave here, but unfortunately have been working too much to really enjoy it. Yesterday we both had a day off so we went for a short road trip to Victoria to do some thrifting. The original idea was to go for a hike as well, but it was way too hot for that so we will wait for the weather to cool a bit first. I was searching for plant stands, pots and lamps, but instead found some other practical house-y type items.


Owls! Do I need more owls? No. Can I afford to spend money on owls right now? Again, the answer is no. Did I buy them anyways? Heck yes I did!


Check out this hilarious Charles and Diana commemorative wedding plate from 1981!


We also got a new kettle and a couple small pots for making chai tea and lavender lattes. We also got some even more practical but not-photo-friendly items including a small plant stand, a two bin stainless steel recycling bin, and metal slotted spoons for cheese making. Yay thrift!



  1. I love thrifting and love your finds! I rarely find specifically what I’m looking for, but that’s the best thing about it: coming home with unique, unexpected, often whimsical and unnecessary things that add spice to life.

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