Exploring Beautiful British Columbia


Now that summer is underway and the weather is glorious, what better time to start exploring the beautiful scenery this province – the province I have lived in all my 30 years, minus a brief foray to the East Coast – has to offer. I’ve grabbed a few local guides to hiking trails and various road trip stops along Vancouver Island (because I’m obsessed with books) and we are all set to put them to use. I also intend to put my new car to use, as having a car is key in taking road trips and we want to get the most out of our vehicle! Yesterday we went on a mini-trip down to Victoria, taking the scenic route back for a portion of the way. We did this same drive when we went down to Port Angeles to pick up our bunnies a few months ago.




The photo before the jump was taken at a view port on the side of the Trans Canada Hwy, looking East out over Saanich Inlet and Brentwood Bay. Mount Baker (WA, USA) can be seen in the background.


Continuing further up the highway we took a scenic detour down Mill Bay Road and poked around Bamberton Provincial Park before heading North through the beautiful Malahat First Nations land and Mill Bay Ferry Terminal. We stopped at the beach to collect some lucky rocks, beach glass and pink clam shells before reconnecting with the highway and heading back to Nanaimo. Soooo beautiful! We had planned to hit a hike on the way back but we are experiencing a heat wave currently and according to our fancy phones it was 33 deg C (91.4F) yesterday afternoon and we decided to do the hike on a cooler day. Next weekend we will likely do a trip North from Nanaimo, possibly to Tofino for some beachside tacos!


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