Ermagherd Carrots!

07_18_2014_01Bunnies love carrot greens but can only have a limited number of actual carrots because they are high in sugars that are hard for bunny tummies to digest. I’ve been buying bundles of carrots at the store and feeding the greens to Fry, Leela and Nibbler and leaving the carrots in the fridge. I discovered yesterday that I had quite a horde of carrots left over! My friend Leanna (who made salsa with me yesterday, post coming up next!) suggested I make dill carrots so I whipped some up this morning.

07_18_2014_05The grocery store here surprisingly doesn’t carry much fresh dill, but there is a roadside stand in front of the house that does tarot readings that always has fresh bundles of dill for $1 each. I picked up 4 giant bunches to add to the carrots. Seriously, how huge is this dill??

07_18_2014_04I used the same brine recipe that I used for my pickles because I’ve never done carrots before and I figured it was good enough place to start. I peeled and prepped the carrots while the jars sterilized in boiling water.

07_18_2014_03^ Peeled carrots. I prepped them by cutting off the green nubs and the too-skinny ends, splitting the thicker carrots into halves and trimming them all to the right length to fit the jars.

I brought 2-3/4 cups pickling vinegar to a boil with 3 cups of water and 1/4 cup of sea salt. Removing the jars from the boiling water I set them out and added a tablespoon of pickling spice into the bottom of each jar along with a large sprig of dill. I then packed the jars with carrots and added a few more large piece of dill before pouring the hot brine into the jars. I’ve read that you can blanch the carrots before hand but I just put them in raw because I like a crunchy carrot. After placing the sterile jar tops on and screwing the rim on finger tight I submerged the jars in boiling water another 10 minutes. They are definitely vinegary! Next time I will probably try them with sugar instead of salt and add some whole garlic cloves as well.


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