Pimp my Pantry!


We are in the middle of turning our pantry into the mother of all pantries! Above is BEFORE below is AFTER. Marvel at the amazingness after the jump.



Remember the yellow? Yeah, I’d rather not think about it either. Here remains the very last of the yellow paint, in the tiny pantry at the bottom of the stairs. A few months back J removed the shelving that was in the pantry when we moved in (pics are here) and built in the niche at the end of the hall to hold the pantry jars while we fixed up the room. We painted it to match the wall and will use it to store firewood for the wood stove once the pantry is complete.



We started by removing all the junk that was in there (how can we live here only 7 months and already have a junk pile??). We recycled our empty paint cans at the GIRO and donated some old light fixtures, containers and other bits. Someone posted on the FB group that they wanted carpet for their garden (you can use it under paths and beds to suppress weed growth) and they came by and removed ALL the carpet we tore out of the basement! I was over the moon, the worst would have been for that material to just end up in a landfill. It’s so great that the people on this island are so good at upcycling materials. We then bought some simple 2×6 boards and J fashioned them into shelving that fits our variety of jars.



We had black paint left over so we did the whole room dark. That will allow us to use chalk on the shelves to label the groupings of jars.


Thanks again to the FB group, I was able to get 100SF+ of oak looking laminate flooring left over from someone else’ renovation for just $25. It only took me 30 minutes to install the flooring (I’ve done this a few times before so I’m a master haha) and it made the room feel warmer than with the concrete floor. Initially I installed the underlay we had left over after removing the carpet from downstairs, but the thickness with the flooring wouldn’t fit under the door. It’s more important for the door to open so I ditched the underlay and put the laminate straight onto the concrete.


07_25_2014_09 07_25_2014_08

We’ve finished one side, half finished the other and have yet to do the back wall. We are hoping to wrap it up soon so we can store all the canned goods I’ve been preparing and flesh out our dry goods collection. More to come!


  1. Very creative! It’s amazing what a vision, a little elbow grease and perseverance can do! Great work.

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