What’s Happening INSIDE the House


We have been spending a lot of time in the garden, with the pets, watching the Simpsons, and canning foods. And working our jobs, of course. BUT we have also been sort of working on the interior of the house as well! We were invited to the house next door, which has just sold, and given a head start on their moving sale this week. We bought a set of nesting tables for the living room, and an excellent floor lamp for the bedroom. We’ve been doing a little work here and there around the interior, but I’m attempting to complete the rooms one by one. The living room, above, is mostly complete for now, save for a rug for under the couch and table. I’ve been collecting objects from around the island and gradually turning this space into something comfortable. At a garage sale last weekend I picked up a box full of picture frames for just $3. I also got some houseplants, finally! More pics after the jump.

07_25_2014_05 07_25_2014_06


My upstairs desk area is looking better. The small table on the left was $18 and the desk was $15, both from the GIRO. The candelabra is still living here, as was posted way back when and is now being used as a mini herb drying rack. There is oregano hanging there now, and in the photo before the jump is a bundle of oregano flowers which has been hung in the bedroom. The black computer chair is EQ3, also bought at the GIRO.


Speaking of GIRO… of course… I also grabbed this cute little footstool there for just $3 the other day. I have no idea where to put it but it was just too adorable to leave behind.


Overall, this room is starting to look pretty good. You may remember the yellow plant stand from this post on reviving found objects. The bookshelves are Billys with doors installed from IKEA in birch veneer. The couch is a custom BENSEN passed down from my Dad. There is an Eileen Gray side table, also a gift from Dad, topped with an old IKEA lamp picked up for $9 at Value Village in Victoria and the soy candles I posted about here. The nesting coffee tables are the new additions from the neighbour. I’m very pleased that we have been able to bring objects into the house that all have a place and can work together to make a space that is homey and comfortable. Projects in the works currently are the pantry downstairs and the bedroom, both of which I will post about soon!

Remember how when we moved in the living room looked like this? I’m pretty stoked on the transformation.



  1. That’s a gorgeous transformation! I’m swooning over your bookcases, haha. I can’t wait to own a house and line every wall with bookcases. 😉

    • The bookcases are sooo good. Pilot was scratching all my books when I had an open bookcase, so the ones with the doors seemed like a good idea. I adore them! They make everything look so neat and tidy haha

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