Comfrey: Superplant


COMFREY. The existing garden on the side of our lower yard had a bunch of great plants already growing in it when we took possession of the house, including several large and healthy oregano and lavender plants, a Spanish Broom (not to be confused with Scotch Broom which is an invasive species currently taking over the island), an albizia tree and a huge comfrey plant. These plants all have great uses; lavender obviously smells amazing and also has culinary uses, albizia flowers can be used to treat stress and anxiety, and we will probably never run out of oregano again as long as we live. Comfrey also has a lot of uses, mainly in treating swellings, sprains and other injuries.


The comfrey grew so fast and large that it needed to be bundled together to keep from falling flat. The flowers were beautiful and the bees loved them.

07_27_2014_19  07_27_2014_21


After a few weeks we noticed it had become covered in a mildew of some sort – the same that attacked our sage plants. Not really knowing how to deal with this, after the blossoms died off we cut back the whole plant to just the small new shoots and used the old leaves (after washing them) to make a tea to fertilize other plants in the yard. The plant has already come back happy and healthy, and we have planted a second one alongside the steps J recently built.



We got this small comfrey plant at a roadside stand along with the Jerusalem artichoke we planted in the enclosure, and it has already doubled in size. These things grow so fast!! While we haven’t had to use it for any injuries, thankfully, we will start harvesting and dehydrating the leaves for storage in our fabulous new pantry.

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