New Garden Stairway


When we moved in a lot of our yard was fairly au naturel, and we have been gradually developing it with stairs, planters and gates to keep the deer out. A few weeks back J started this set of stairs leading to the lower yard, and we have been fleshing out the bed with plants; maroon hibiscus, oregano, cat nip, yarrow and comfrey. We have also planted humming bird vines along the fencing so it fills in with something pretty rather than just being a cold metal fence. The stairs turned out really nicely and we have almost finished filling the steps with stones. In this space before was just a sloping lawn with weeds and tall grasses growing along the fence. Some in progress shots after the jump.

07_27_2014_13 07_27_2014_14


  1. What a beautiful design! Thank you for visiting Forest Garden today. We have been trying to garden in an area with a huge deer population for several years now. It remains a challenge πŸ˜‰ Best wishes, WG

    • The deer here are very prolific and will eat anything – even plants that are supposed to be deer resistant haha. Thankfully they have mostly left our garden alone, but installing fences and gates will be important for the long term in case they ever discover what we are growing here. I’m interested in seeing what shade loving forest plants you use in your garden!

      • Deer resistant??? an oxymoron. I gave up on those a while ago. You might enjoy my post, “Pick your poison” on that very topic. We’ve even found ferns grazed by our ravenous four-footeds. I began my blog last summer as a resource for neighbors in our heavily forested community. Many of the early posts (in the Table of Contents) are about deterring deer and what plants might survive them. That remains a favorite and recurrent topic πŸ˜‰ Our yard is fenced, but they still find a way in from time to time. It is an ongoing challenge πŸ˜‰ Best wishes, WG

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