Rain, Please

tumblr_ma72dmokD61ra0v4co1_500As a lifelong citizen of Vancouver it’s not very often that I wish for rain, but we really need some right now. It’s been very hot and dry here and things are looking pretty crispy. We have been on early high alert on Gabriola for weeks now with a ban on outdoor fires and no powered equipment to be used after 1pm. Thankfully we have not had any major fires (though there have been some small ones that were put out quickly, one from a beach fire left unattended that spread to some driftwood and dry grass, another from a burn barrel also left unattended that spread to nearby trees… what’s the lesson here? Ha)

There are a LOT of forest fires burning in BC right now, too. According to this article, of the province’s 700 fires that have been ignited this season, 300 have been started by lightning. The other 400 were started by people. An article from this morning notes that over 200,000 hectares of forest have been burned. We’ve had to pull firefighters from all over the country, and now 80 firefighters from Australia are flying in to BC to help. Thankfully there haven’t been any major injuries this season, but we’ve still got the month of August to go. I hope it rains soon!!

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