Trying Out


I’ve seen the truck driving around the island a fair bit since moving here, and thought I would give the service a try. Spud provides local, organic produce and other groceries for purchase online, and free home delivery (which is appealing!). The first thing I noticed was, predictably, the prices were fairly high on some items. For example a bunch of carrots including greens are $4.99 ea on the website, but at the grocery store on the island they are only $1.75. There did seem to be some deals, though, particularly if you purchase a bundle of items. They all come from local Vancouver Island farms, which also makes me pretty happy.

Ultimately I’d love it if we could provide our own produce, but we aren’t there yet (except when it comes to plums and apples haha). The local grocery store is pretty great, but the produce section is fairly small and the selection is limited. Because I eat mostly fruits and veggies (and so do the bunnies, and they never stop eating), this limits the type of meals I can make. My first delivery from Spud arrived yesterday and I was happy with the quality of the produce and the delivery guy was very friendly and professional.



I’ve set up a bi-monthly delivery for $40 worth of miscellaneous produce and am looking forward to seeing how large the bundles are and what they include! The website allows you to customize your preferences, rating items you like higher than items you don’t like, and to ask that certain items not be included in your groceries if you don’t like them.

Free delivery minimum order is $50, here is what I got:

 Pr7579  Herbs, Baby Dill – 1.0 ct $2.39 20% $1.91 3 $5.73
 Pr4199  Avocado, Hass – 4.0 ct $5.99 10% $5.39 1 $5.39
 Pr3809  Cucumbers, Pickling – 5.0 lb $14.99 0% 1 $14.99
 Pr3059  Beans, Green – 1.0 lb $6.01 17% $4.99 1 $4.99
 KIT0075  Best of BC Produce Selection – 1 $47.58 24% $35.99 1 $35.99
• Apples, Gravenstein – 1lb
• Apricots – 1lb
• Beets, Red – 1lb
• Cucumbers, Field – 1ct
• Kale, green – 1ct
• Lettuce, Romaine – 1ct
• Mushrooms, Crimini – 0.5lb
• Peaches – 1lb
• Peppers, Red – 1ct
• Tomatoes, Mini Plum – 1ct
• Zucchini – 2ct
subtotal Grocery Items: $67.09

Definitely not as cheap as the Sunrise Market, but I do live in a much more remote area now with limited services so I should be thankful for access to clean, organic and local produce. I’ll post my produce bundles as they arrive!


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