WWLSR: Seasons 10-12


I’ve trudged through my least favourite seasons, but it’s been slow going. It’s hard to admit there was a time I didn’t like the show, but seasons 10-14 were definitely it…

Season 10 – August 23, 1998 to May 16, 1999


se10ep07 – Season 10 starts out with a great WWLSR selection, which is lucky because this season is, for me, where the series takes a major dip in quality. There are way less instances of Lisa reading as more and more episodes revolve around Homer doing stupid sh*t (there is a pull away from character driven plot lines in general and things get really zany!) In this episode Lisa fakes being sick an extra day to stay home and play video games, and Ralph brings her the homework from Miss Hoover; The Wind in the Willows! *selection #27*



se10ep12 – Bart gives Homer a book of coupons as Lisa sits on the couch reading a purple book – no title is shown.



se10ep16 – Homer rents Lisa’s room out to a communications company to pay for damages he did to the Bill of Rights at a Smithsonian exhibit and she has to move in with Bart (see note above about decline in show quality and increase in zaniness). In this scene she struggles to read as Bart does annoying things to distract her. Again, no titles.



se10ep19 – Homer struggles to find inspiration for new art pieces after gaining attention for his mangled BBQ labelled as “outsider art”. Lisa tells him about other artists who thought outside the box while she reads on the couch. Her face in the pic below is classic. No titles.



se10ep19 – Rev. Lovejoy asks Lisa for recommended books for his Book Mobile and Lisa suggests “Anything by Jane Austen!” but then sees as the truck drives away it’s actually a Book Burning Mobile. Haha. *selection #28* A book by Jane Austen!


se10ep23 – Lisa reads Wired Magazine!

Season 11 – September 1999 to May 2000


se11ep02 – Ok, so Lisa doesn’t read this, Bart does while he’s taking Focusyn. But she does steal a look at it and acts offended when Bart implies she is a “time bandit.” Haha.



se11ep09 – Springfield Elementary is taken over by a children’s toy company using the kids to develop a new toy for the Christmas shopping season. Lisa tries to study during class because she is upset they aren’t learning enough.


se11ep11 – Lisa reads the Bible in Church as Bart complains about being bored. Does this count as a book? I’ve always thought the Old Testament stories were interesting. *selection #20* THE BIBLE.

se11ep12_01 copy

se11ep12 – The Simpsons move into Mr. Burn’s mansion, because of course, and Lisa explores the Library. “Wow, it’s got every Nancy Drew. Even the controversial Clue in the Clock. Tsk tsk tsk. So many swears.” *selection #30* A Nancy Drew book!

se11ep12_02 copy


se11ep19 – Here is the synopsis of this episode from wikipedia: “Homer has a nervous breakdown when it is revealed on a quiz that he only has three years left to live. To calm him down, the family goes to Florida for vacation–and end up in the middle of a raucous spring break, where Homer joins in on the party and ends up getting himself and his family in trouble for killing the county’s beloved mascot: an alligator named Captain Jack.” The guest star was Kid Rock. Again with the zaniness. Lisa reads an untitled book as Homer does his quizzes.


se11ep20 – This one is a Lisa-centric episode where she learns to tap dance – or tries but really sucks at it. Technically this isn’t a book, it’s the program for the recital that Lisa discovers doesn’t include her.


se11ep21 – Bart’s class is given video cameras and told to make movies. Bart taunts Lisa with the camera while she tries to read on the bus. No title.


se11ep22 – In a parody of VH1’s Behind the Music the Simpsons are featured as actors working on the TV show and fighting between takes as they rise to fame. After the show is put on hiatus Lisa releases Where are My Residuals? alleging within that to prolong the series she was given anti-growth hormones haha.

Season 12 – November 2000 to May 2001


se12ep01 – The 12th season started out with Treehouse of Horror XI, which showed an opening sequence with the Simpsons as the Munsters and everyone except Lisa being killed. One of the stories revolved around a book smart Lisa reading Grimms’ Fairy Tales to help her and Bart get out of bad fairy tale situations. *selection #31* Grimms’ Fairy Tales!

se12ep01_02 se12ep01_03

The Moe Troll has always cracked me up.



se12ep03 – This episode is loaded with writers! Homer blows up Lisa’s room and to cheer her up the family goes to the Springfield Book Fair. Appearing in the episode were Stephen King, Maya Angelou, Amy Tan, and Tom Clancy. Also, Christopher Walken reads Goodnight Moon to children. During the panel Lisa speaks to Amy Tan about the Joy Luck Club; “Miss Tan, I loved the Joy Luck Club. It really showed me how the mother-daughter bond can triumph over adversity.” which Amy Tan says she couldn’t have gotten more wrong. *selection #32*



se12ep04 – Lisa becomes an environmentalist, starting out the episode by saving a fish from a restaurant menu caught around his neck (courtesy of Bart). She carries an untitled red book.


se12ep08 – A snowstorm traps the children of Springfield Elementary inside the building, and they restrain Skinner to raid the permanent records room. She reads “Lisa is an outstanding student with a slight tendency towards know-it-all-ism. [gasps] That’s not even a word!”


se12ep09 – Homer’s IQ is increased following the removal of a crayon that had been lodged in his brain. His new intelligence allows him to connect with Lisa is new ways, one being spending time together reading at the library. No titles.



se12ep15 – Homer goes on a hunger strike and to support him Lisa brings him a copy of Mike Farrell’s book My Core Beliefs. Mike does have a few books, but the title in this case is a made up one. He does have a Lisa-style autobiography in real life though; Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist that came out about 7 years after this episode aired. *selection #33*


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