Chickens Chickens Chickens


THE CHICKENS. Bubble and Squeak are getting big (in Bubble’s case, REALLY big), and the 7 babies are out of their ugly phase and starting to look like real birds. J also brought home one more chicken to round the number out to 10 glorious birds. The new chicken is 2 years old and already laying, and was re-homed by the same wonderful woman who provided the other 9. She has lost the feathers on her head, we’re not sure why, so we have dubbed her Britney*.


Thanks to Brit Brit, J has his first egg!


We have also started to build a proper chicken coop which will include a secure fenced-in run. They are currently roaming free range around the yard, which is fine because they stick close and take themselves home on their own when it gets close to dark (which is really neat), but they are really trashing the plants! So they will have their own area very soon. We’ve got some pretty cool plans drawn up, and it’s been fun to utilize the skills I learned about in school but have yet to put into practice.


We started by setting 6 4×4 posts in postcrete to create the base, which is 10′-0″ x 4′-0″. We then used more 4x4s to create the under structure, topped with 2×4 floor joists and a 1/2″ layer of plywood for the subfloor.

08_26_2014_06  08_26_2014_04

We have been taking it slow and in small bursts as finances allow, and so far have also framed the tall wall at the front of the coop, complete with ventilation window and chicken door.The chickens (and Pilot!) have been hanging out around us as we work on their new house. More pictures to come as we progress.

08_26_2014_03 08_26_2014_02

Look at how cute they all are!

*Please note that I actually really like Britney Spears and thought her public breakdown was very sad. She seems like such a lovely person and I can only imagine how hard that whole experience was, especially having to have it in such a public sphere… naming the chicken Britney is purely for laughs and shouldn’t been taken as malicious or anything 🙂


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