Squash and Zucchini, Finally


So waaaaay back in May I bought some zucchini, squash and cucumber starters from the grocery store and crammed them all into a planter on the side of the house and left them there. For many weeks they did nothing. They looked like they were barely hanging on, and I was almost on the verge of scrapping them for something else, but it was too late in the season by that point so I just left them alone. And good thing I did, because over 3 months later they have exploded into growth and are producing veggies!



It’s kind of funny, the store had squash, zucchini and cucumber in the same area, in rows. I wanted 4 of each, so I grabbed 4 from each row and brought them home. When I went to plant them I realized I had somehow grabbed 4 zucchini and 8 squash bu no cucumber. Dangit! So now we will have lots of squash, apparently…

09_03_2014_09 09_03_2014_10 09_03_2014_11 09_03_2014_12

For months they sat there looking like this ^ I guess I need to learn patience!

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