Lemon Boy and Oregano Pasta Sauce


At the start of the season I bought 3 Lemon Boy tomato starters and planted them in the enclosure. They have been steadily producing for the last month and we banged together a pasta sauce the other night using the lemon boys, some tomatoes from our greenhouse plants, and a bunch of oregano and holy basil we collected from the garden.


J used a bowl of the tomatoes, roughly chopped with the skins on, along with a chopped onion, salt and pepper, a couple bay leaves and cooked it down. Then he threw in the oregano and holy basil. The lemon boys have a fairly mild flavour, so he also added a can of tomato puree we had in the cupboard at the end when we both felt it was still missing something. The colour turned out really nice and it tastes delicious! We got 3 x 500ml jars from this small batch (the lemon boys are still coming though, so there will be more!) that will keep in the fridge for a short while. (Canning tomatoes safely is a whole other thing I’m still learning about)



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