Book Review: Hermione Granger Saves the World

hermionegrangerRead for: A surprise gift from J, who knows me so well!

Rating: 4.5/5

AJ*GSKE$&KJDNS!! A book about Hermoine and feminism!! My brain nearly exploded when J surprised me with a copy of this book. It’s a collection of essays written about the Harry Potter franchise naming Hermoine as the true heroine and presenting many arguments for Hermione being a solid feminist icon. From the first moment that Ron, Harry and Hermione became true friends (when she took the fall for the destruction caused by their fight with the troll in the bathroom in Philosopher’s Stone) to her perseverance and skill in finding the horcruxes, Hermione proved herself again and again to be the most competent and capable of the three. Basically without Hermione, Ron and Harry would have been smushed by the devil’s snare in PS and the series wouldn’t have existed haha. I LOVED this collection, and that they reflected on both the Hermione of the books and the Hermione of the movies; the two portrayals of Hermione are in fact slightly different, the movies having to be simplified which meant the exclusion of several important Hermione moments including her discovery of Rita Skeeter’s unregistered anamagous abilities and her crusade for the equal treatment of house elves. The “book Hermione” is only described physically once as having “lots of bushy brown hair” and “rather large front teeth”, and it is argued in several essays that Emma Watson was “too pretty” to play Hermione. I call BS on that, because Emma was hired when she was like 7! How did they know she would turn out to be so stunning? I also feel that just because the book version described her has having frizzy hair and large teeth doesn’t automatically mean she wasn’t attractive. All kids look funny. Seriously. They are under-developed and goofy looking. There was no hinting in the book that she wasn’t developing into an attractive woman as she matured. ALSO IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HERMIONE LOOKS LIKE. <—- Can’t emphasize that enough, really. The Harry Potter series is about so much more than what people look like, it is about how people can do anything they put their minds to, they can grow and change into the people they want to be, they can stand up against everyone who doubts them and accomplish all their dreams. Hermione is portrayed in both the books and the movies as an intelligent, studious, caring, motivated and well-rounded character, and is most certainly a fantastic feminist icon. READ THIS BOOK PLEASE.

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