Ducks Ahoy




The new chicken coop is finished enough to safely house the chickens so we have moved them over. That left us with the old coop attached to the house totally empty… so obviously the answer was to get ducks. It will be nice to have some slug control that doesn’t involve me mass murdering them in a bucket of soapy water, and apparently ducks are way less destructive on the garden.


The woman who taught us how to make cheese posted about having 6 Indian Runner babies for sale, and J went to see them. The picture above is of their Dad… when we pulled up in the car I thought Paula had put a wig on him for a laugh. He is too funny!! As you can see below the babies also have the hilarious hair, which is amazing.



We brought home 4 (the other two went to another home); one grey and 3 white, 2 of them having the hair and one having a smooth head. THEY ARE SOO CUTE!! Of course they are terrified of everything and trying to get close causes a total panic, but we are working on bonding with them by letting them float in the bathtub and feeding them bread. Pretty amusing to be feeding the ducks in your own bathroom.


And so the names… obviously we have to emphasize the hair, so we’ve got a Moss and a Mugatu… we need 2 more!

maurice-moss-it-crowd Zoolander / Zoolander

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