New Bedroom Paint


Soooooo it took a while but here are the pics of the new bedroom paint! I have to admit I was totally inspired by Maura’s bedroom makeover on her Projectory blog. I fell in love with the idea of a dark bedroom, an especially exciting idea because the rest of the house is so light. We went with Plankton, though when we applied the first coat it looked so light that we thought the paint was a mistint. We went back to the hardware store and it was mixed correctly, but we had another shot of black added to it anyways to make it darker. Then it needed like 4 coats to get really dark. Phew!



The first test was pretty different from what we expected…

09_26_2014_04 09_26_2014_05

But with a few coats it started to look right. The difference is crazy! A few weeks back we went to a big yard sale to raise money for Cats Alive, the cat rescue society here on Gabriola. We went at the end of the sale so things were winding down, so we grabbed a few goodies at half price and/or free. One of the things I got from the free pile was this amazing electric yellow lamp! I bought a new shade from Target for $8 and voila! (Super funny, looking back at Maura’s post I see she also has a bright yellow lamp!)

09_26_2014_02 09_26_2014_06  09_26_2014_08

I am really happy with how the colour came out, but it’s impossible to capture in a picture. It’s soooo dark! Lighting is now pretty important, especially given this room doesn’t have an overhead light with a switch. We picked up the floor lamp from our neighbours’ moving sale, and it puts a nice spotlight on my Audrey print.

09_26_2014_10  09_26_2014_12


Pilot loves the new room, and this footstool I bought a while ago for $3, which has become her own personal bed beside mine. ❤


^ Pilot ponders the new colour (and approves, I hope)


  1. Yesss! This looks amazing! I love having a dark, cozy bedroom so much, and I love that you were inspired by mine. And holy lamp synergy! I’ve been mulling over adding wall lights over the bed, and yours look sooooo gooooood.

    • The dark cozy bedroom vibe is pretty awesome. The wall lights are pretty convenient for reading, I like them better than bedside lamps. The ones we have were originally ikea I think, but we got them from value village for $4 ea. :):):)

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