Stop Everything, I’ve Discovered Wild Friends Nut Butter


So I am a fairly avid instagrammer, and have found myself following a variety of people from crafters, knitters, and tattoo artists to bakers, chefs, and some raw ’til 4 peeps. Through these accounts I have started seeing more and more small businesses selling really attractive products – good marketing/package design, good ingredients, lots of cruelty free and GF options. I recently saw a post about Wild Friends nut butter and it really grabbed my attention. Who can scroll past pictures of food featuring an adorable squirrel logo, I ask? THE ANSWER IS NO ONE.


So, being in Canada, I quickly discovered that ordering off their website does not allow shipments across the border (this often happens with food from the USA) and I cried for a whole 5 minutes before I noticed that you can also order it from This is my first experience with Vita Cost, and was happy to see that they have a great selection of foods that are way cheaper online than at the grocery store (sorry local business, but suddenly I’ve become spend-conscious). And the package arrived really quickly! I ordered a few flavours of nut butter along with the square bars I keep seeing all over my IG feed, plus a jar of organic ghee that I fully intend to use over the winter, my mission being to perfect the cooking of Indian curries.

These nut butters are sooo freaking good. The chocolate coconut is everything, and the peanut butter with honey and crunchy pretzel bits??? I’m obsessed! And look at all the good things:


The square bars are also really really tasty. I’ve been trying to phase out my sugar/chocolate consumption and reduce cravings (my sweet tooth is insane), but I still end up grabbing a handful of cheap chocolate bars from the impulse rack by the checkout *groan*. I’m going to attempt to replace chocolate bars with protein bars that are equally sweet but a bit better for me. We’ll see how that goes (I’m making a skeptical face even as I type this). The cocoa almond is really good, and, obviously, the chocolately cocoa crunch one is amazeballs. MMMM FOOD.



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