4 More Months of Cult Cosmetics


I’ve been neglecting to post about my Cult Blackbox subscription, but it has continued to arrive at my house!

The June Blackbox was entitled Be My Muse (pictured below) and featured the first of Cult’s lip gloss line, “Muse”. I really like the lip gloss! The colour is great and it’s very long wearing. The tube also has a light and mini mirror so you can apply it on the go. Also in the box was a makeup bag and two polishes; Melrose Place (silver) and Catalina (bluey/lavender). More boxes after the jump!


10_09_2014_04 10_09_2014_05

July’s Blackbox, called Summer Chic, included another of the Cult Lip glosses, this one is clear and sparkly and smells really great (as the site says: Aphrodite- Our radiant glow lipgloss. Infused with nourishing coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea, and aloe vera combine with sweet honeysuckle for a moisturizing effect on glowing goddess lips) Also in the box was a glass nail file and a BH Cosmetics eyelash curler – just in time because I was about to buy a new one. The polishes were Sunset Boulevard (pretty similar to Stay Gold, which is kind of a disappointment, how many shimmery gold polishes does one person really need?) and Hermosa Beach, a saturated magenta. I never really file my nails, but a reusable glass file is a great idea!

10_09_2014_02 10_09_2014_03

The August Blackbox was called Endless Summer, and included the biggest items yet; A BH Cosmetics bronzer (I normally don’t bronze but have to admit this is a pretty nice product), another makeup bag, and a huge set of nail jewels in a rainbow of colours. The two polishes were Troubadour (a shimmery orange) and The Roxy (a pastel lavender that I really like).



And most recently arrived is the September Blackbox, called Fall Glam, which is definitely my favourite – finally some dark colours! And a return to the 3 polish format that it started out with. Included in this box is a Revlon mascara (though don’t they test on animals???? What’s up with that?) an organic moisturizer, and three shades of polish; The Viper Room (an awesome green), Weho (and black and silver sparkle) and Zuma (a dark blue). I’m mildly concerned that the Blackbox is turning into a marketing tool for major makeup brands… this box included the Revlon mascara as well as a coupon for further Revlon purchase. I’d be pretty disappointed if the Blackbox veered away from vegan and cruelty free products in favour of promoting mainstream products, but we will see.

The reason I signed up, however, was for the polishes, which remain cruelty free as far as I know. I suppose I can always give away products I don’t want to use myself.

Copied from the website:

The CULT Promise:

– WE UNCONDITIONALLY STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products, simply return them within 60 days of purchase, even if they are empty. We would be happy to assist you with a refund or exchange (less S&H).

– We are toxin-free & eco-friendly. CULT not only goes on thick and is fast to dry, but it does so without ANY of the “infamous 5” nail polish toxins. CULT is proud to be free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formladehyde Resin and Camphor.

– As an ethical company with a deep love for animals, CULT guarantees that NO animal testing will ever be conducted or commissioned for CULT polishes or their ingredients in any phase of product development by the company or its suppliers.

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