Happy Chickens, Cruelty Free Eggs


A bowl of our eggs, they are so pink and pretty! I’d like to get hens that lay blue and green eggs, and maybe even one that lays olive green eggs – I saw that recently! Below is a picture of Pickles (L) and Selma (R), best buddies forever. These two hang out together all day long and sleep side by side in the coop at night. They are also the smallest and most flighty of the bunch and often escape the coop together too… trouble makers! In the old coop J built a small shelf just a few inches down from the ceiling and these two claimed it as theirs and wouldn’t let anyone else up. Pickles is a Dorking, which is confirmed by the extra toe on the back of her foot. Not sure what Selma is, she is lacking the Dorking toe, but they look very similar (they are sisters, after all). They luuurve each other! ❤


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