WWLSR: Seasons 15-17


Lisa continues to read at a 6th grade level right through seasons 15, 16 and 17, and here are her selections!

Season 15 – November 2, 2003 to May 23, 2004


se15ep03 – Lisa becomes the student body president in an episode that bases itself on the story, or more specifically the musical, of Evita (Eva Perón), the First Lady of Argentina between the years of 1946 and 1952, the year she died. Evita used her position of power to fight for women’s suffrage and improving the lives of the poor. How very Lisa-esque!! In this scene Lisa reads on her bed, but nothing specific. It would probably be a good idea to read about the life of Evita, so let’s pick a biography! *selection #40*


se15ep04 – LISA READS HARRY POTTER LISA READS HARRY POTTER *selection #41* Also in this episode, which takes the Simpson family to England, Lisa consults a book to help Homer escape from jail, but we don’t care about that because Lisa reads HARRY POTTER.



se15ep05 – In this episode Homer finds himself scared of bears after an encounter at the town dump. As Homer prepares to fight a bear in order to conquer his fear, Lisa makes a reference to Moby Dick. *selection #42* Moby Dick by Herman Melville!


se15ep10 – Lisa doesn’t read a book in this episode, but she does find herself incredibly jealous when Marge writes her first book (which also makes reference to Moby Dick). I only included this because I like the dialogue between the “inner Lisas” when she thinks about Marge’s novel.


se15ep11 – This episode covers a lot of readable topics. Books mentioned in this episode but not actually read by Lisa include Everybody Poops and a biography of Ron Santo (according to wikipedia he was an American third baseman in Major League Baseball who played from 1960 to 1974, all but the last year with the Chicago Cubs.)

se15ep11_02 se15ep11_03

In the three tales told by Marge, Lisa plays three roles:


1. Sacagawea. A search for books on Sacagawea turned up mostly children’s books, but a search for Lewis and Clark turned up quite a few titles (not surprisingly). *selection #43* A book on the Lewis and Clark expedition, which included Sacagawea.


2. Salieri. Salieri was a composer during the same time period as Mozart, and is often considered to be Mozart’s rival (as is shown in the episode featuring Bart as Mozart). A book on Salieri is a little hard to find, but there is a free one here entitled Damaging Winds. There are also many books available on Mozart, which would likely mention Salieri. *selection #44* A book on Mozart and/or Salieri.


3. Mary Tudor, first Queen of England. There are many books on Mary I, also known as Bloody Mary, so let’s read one! *selection #45* A book on Mary Tudor.


se15ep13 – Lisa reads an untitled green book on the couch as Homer and Marge unpack the welcome package from Maggie’s new school for geniuses.


se15ep14 – Artie Ziff stays with the Simpsons and reads Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections to Lisa in the backyard. *selection #46*



Also in this episode, Lisa reads a pop up book to Maggie entitled “When Daddy Does Hard Time.” This is not a book in the real world though.

se15ep14_04 se15ep14_05


se15ep18 – Lisa reads another fictional book, “How to Talk to a Drunk Father.”

Season 16 – November 7, 2004 to May 15, 2005


se16ep01 – Lisa is Sherlock Holmes in the season premiere, let’s read Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! *selection #47*


se16ep02 – Lisa speaks to Thomas Pynchon as Springfieldians eat Marge’s wasabi buffalo wings at a church function, baked in the Simpson’s recently remodeled kitchen. We’ve already covered Gravity’s Rainbow by Pynchon (mentioned again here), but he has other works so pick one and read it! *selection #48* A novel by Thomas Pynchon.


se16ep03 – Lisa reads “Thin by Third Grade” to motivate her to lose weight. Weight loss books are boring, let’s skip this one.


se16ep04 – Lisa shows off the photo of Lewis Lapham taped to the cover of her binder. *selection #49* A book by Lewis Lapham!


se16ep05 – Bart launches spitballs at Lisa made from the pages of her manuscript “They Promised Me Ponies”. He then goes on to design t-shirts that gain popularity, landing him on the cover of Chestwear Monthly, which the family sits around reading together.

se16ep05_02 se16ep05_03

Also in this episode, Lisa shows off a model on the history of nuclear physics, starting with Marie Curie. Good thing we already read about her!

se16ep05_04 se16ep05_05


se16ep07 – Kicking of a series of episodes where Lisa is shown reading but no titles are mentioned, in this scene Lisa reads a blue untitled book on the sofa with Homer and Bart.


se16ep08 – In this one Lisa carries two untitled books…


se16ep09 – … and Lisa lays on the lawn reading an untitled book and drinking a soda…


se16ep15 – Future Lisa reads the Yale course catalogue (not really a book, but whatevs)


se16ep17 – Again, Lisa reads an untitled book while sitting at the kitchen table with Marge.

Season 17 – September 2005 to May 2006


se17ep01 – One more time: Lisa reads an untitled book on the floor in front of the TV.


se17ep02 – Lisa reads a REAL book, Where the Wild Things Are (!) in bed with Marge and Homer after she finds herself too afraid to sleep in her own room (a cemetery was built outside her window, because that makes total sense.) *selection #50* Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are!

se17ep02_02 se17ep02_03


se17ep06 – once again, Lisa reads an untitled blue book (so many of these!) on the couch when she is approached by Homer in his Safety Salamander suit.



se17ep07 – Lisa reads an Italian phrase book while strolling through Little Italy with Milhouse, her language tutor after she tells Principal Skinner she is already fluent in Italian.


se17ep08 – Sideshow Bob pleads with the Simpsons not not expose his past criminal activity to his new family in Italy (someone had Italy on the brain this season). Marge tells Bart that “Bob is a family man now, you can’t be a bad person if you have a family”, and Lisa confirms by saying “And literature is filled with tales of redemption from Jean Valjean to the voice of Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen.” I don’t think reading a book by Tim Allen is critical to our study of Lisa’s bookshelf, but Les Miserables sure is! *selection #51* Les Miserables by Victor Hugo .


se17ep12 – Lisa takes on Groundskeeper Willy as her science fair project, transforming him from a rude Scotsman into a refined character. She references Genteel Ben’s Guide to Etiquette, which of course is not a real title. Darn.


se17ep13 – Lisa strolls through the woods with an untitled red book under her arm before encountering a ram type animal that chases her away (it later hunts her down to return her necklace which it found hanging on a tree branch and Mr. Burns saves her from it.)


se17ep17 – Lisa reads an untitled book on the floor in front of the family’s tv. Again.


se17ep19 – Springfield Elementary is divided into boys and girls classes, and Lisa admires the “feminine” art decorating the girls side. Included are Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe!

*selection #52* The Diary of Frida Kahlo

*selection #53* Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life by Roxana Robinson



se17ep21 – Springfield Elementary begins teaching Creationism to students, which infuriates Lisa (a highly scientific and logical type person, obviously). She sends secret messages to like-minded students and attempts to teach a class on evolution, reading from the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. She gets busted and they make her stop, but we can read all the evolution theory we want! *selection #54* The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin!

se17ep21_02 se17ep21_03

Ahh there is still more to come!! ❤

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