CULT: Black Box #9


My October Black Box just arrived and was a complete surprise this month as there doesn’t seem to be any information online about what to expect – up to this point there have been previews and posts on the website about the black boxes, but this month there was nothing. In fact, there is still nothing on the website about the October black box at all… the website seems to be sliding a bit in general. The Magazine section boasts “Seven fashionable posts every day” but in actuality hasn’t been updated since July 31st. They also seem to have removed reference to the Black Box entirely, and are focusing on nail art kits by artists off Instagram. To find any of the recent Black Boxes you have to look under the “Lips” category, which doesn’t even make sense.

And that brings me to the box itself… they really phoned this one in, you guys. Included in the box was 2 polishes, Hollywood Bowl, a silver glitter top coat and Los Feliz, a deep magenta which would be great except I already got this polish in the America’s Sweetheart box back in February. Also included was a CULT “Turn Me On” lipstick in MUSE – which was featured in the Be My Muse box in June, and the same purple hairbands from the Purple Please box from May. The best thing about this box was the HURRAW! Lip Balm, but unfortunately I already bought this exact flavour earlier this year! It was a pretty big bummer to get a box that was obviously filled with things they had left around the warehouse, and not with something fun and Halloween themed. Geez. The paper was orange, why not get some spooky nail decals or print a card up for a Halloween nail design tutorial?

After 9 months of Black Boxes and quite a bit of money spent, I’m throwing in the towel on the subscription. I would still buy polishes from the site and I still love the fact that they are cruelty free, I just don’t think I need to buy $30 worth of nail polish every month.. especially if they are products I already have, ya know? Anyone else get the October Black Box and find themselves disappointed?

ETA: I Found the name of the box on my invoice, “On The Edge” and googling it turned up a page on the Cult website. Here it is!

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