How to Make a DIY Frame Loom


After testing out my weaving skills on a simple frame/lap loom made from a picture frame (see it here!), I have taken things to the next level by putting together a larger loom. Initially I looked online for a lap loom kit to purchase, but they were all super expensive! So I went down to the hardware store and for $9.80 I made my own. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it will do the job better than the picture frame.


I bought three pieces of 2×2 cedar (42″ each), 4 large screws and a small bag full of short nails. I cut one piece of wood in half making two 21″ pieces, and trimmed the other two down to 26″ each.

I then assembled the frame with the 21″ pieces across the top and bottom, and the two 26″ pieces to make a rectangle 21″ W x 29″ H (pop quiz, what are the dimensions of a 2×2? They are actually 1.5″ x 1.5″. Confusing but true.)


I then marked along the top and bottom at every cm, totaling 46 nails, and hammered them in.

10_21_2014_0510_21_2014_06 10_21_2014_03

I then looped my yarn over each nail in a zig-zag type of pattern (rather than the over/under way I did on the picture frame) from top to bottom, knotting the yarn on the first and last nails. This will make the weaving easier to remove from the loom when it’s done. I’m pretty excited to get started on something new on this much bigger loom, and not have the shape go all wonky on me as I get to the top. Woot!


This was ridiculously easy to make and only took about an hour. And at 1/10th the price of fancy online frame looms, it’s a winner!



  1. This is so cool! I used to have something like this many, many moons ago, my dad made it. Had a lot of fun, maybe should make myself one again!

  2. […] I’ve been practicing on cardboard looms. I feel ready to work on a wood loom. The warp threads need to be close together to create beautiful tapestry. Saw this while searching for looms. Gosh they are costly. Hoping my son will make this for me. I will have him place the top and bottom bars on top of the sides. Easier to work with especially since it will be in my lap. How to make a DIY lap loom […]

  3. […] So far I’ve been weaving on a cardboard box or a flat cardboard loom. A friend gave me a flexiloom which is like a cardboard loom only plastic. The notches were too far apart to make a tapestry landscape so I doubl warped it. Looms can be costly. I found this DIY loom while searching for an inexpensive lap loom. […]

  4. Nice loom. I made one once out of nails and some board. So easy and less expensive. Unfortunately my cat peed on it and it soaked into the wood and i had to throw it away. Even better it was less expensive. OK, that’s probably too much information.

  5. Very interesting and educational. Beginning my third project on a home-made frame loom (a real frame). Progressing just fine. Warps are on & I’m planning on using fabric & yarn(s). Although I really haven’t decided which pattern, or design to use I’m anxious to get started. My last weaving was done on a cardboard, home-made, shaped loom. It is an owl and came out good. So much fun. Thanx! sw

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