Stevia Powder


Our stevia plants are getting pretty big, so we clipped them back a bit and made some stevia powder as a sweetener for tea. This plant is crazy sweet.



After clipping back some of the plants we laid the leaves out in the dehydrator and dried them until crispy. I then put the leaves into our spice grinder and blended until it became a fine powder. The colour is great and just a little is all you need to sweeten herbal teas… so easy and such a fun thing to have in the pantry.




    • We have found the stevias really easy to grow! We bought 6 4″ starters and stuck them in some nice deep soil (not sure if deep is necessary, but it’s the space we had available) and they just shot right up! I can barely handle eating the raw leaves, they are just sooooo sweet. It’s a neat plant for sure!

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