Mini Trip To Coombs, BC (V. 2.0)


When I made my solo trip to Coombs I knew that J would love the market there, so we made plans to go back. Unfortunately the first weekend we tried this my family had a medical emergency and we ended up having to drive to Chemainus instead (the opposite direction!) and the trip was postponed. A few weeks later we finally made it happen, along with a detour to Englishman River Falls Provincial Park.



We poked around at all the same sights I posted about last time, then hit the market for some food shopping. I got some lentils and beans for my upcoming curry explorations, and some more fancy nut butters because I don’t already have enough. Ha. Also I love the Lemmy lemonade I picked up.




Goats! On a roof!


^ We also ate at the market, I got a portobello sandwich with fries and a pickle. It was pretty tasty.



We stopped at the army surplus in Coombs and I found a pair of great boots for cheap – they were the smallest boots available (men’s 4) and I’m pretty excited to have some durable footwear for winter hikes! The last pair of “hiking boots” I bought were from VV, and LITERALLY the first time I wore them the soles fell off BOTH boots. What is that all about?! At least they were only like $10. These ones were $65 (half of the price of all the other small boots) and they look like they will last forever. With boots in hand we headed to the Englishman River Falls Provincial Park to do a quick loop around the falls.



The trail was really easy, it starts out with a bridge over the falls and leads into a loop that takes you down to the water and back up. It took under and hour and didn’t even wind me (and I’m asthmatic haha).

Here are some photos:



^ I’ve started collecting images of mushrooms so I can learn to identify them. No clue what these are.

10_10_2014_19 10_10_2014_18 10_10_2014_17  10_10_2014_15  10_10_2014_13 10_10_2014_12   10_10_2014_04

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