Make Your Own Candy Corn


Thanks to Emma over at the Kitchn, I am now obsessed with making rainbow candy corn.


This was a really easy recipe to follow, and the candy result is pretty rad.



A handy tip: my first batch turned out too sticky. In the trouble shooting section at the bottom of the Kitchn post it mentions that was likely caused by not heating the syrup up hot enough. I tried a second batch and was careful about monitoring the heat; in the recipe is mentions to heat it to 245-250F then remove from the heat right away, but the second time around I heated it until the thermometer read just over 250, gave the syrup a stir then put the thermometer back in, and waited for the heat to come up a second time. When I was sure it was heated thoroughly I moved on to the next step (mixing in the vanilla and the dry ingredients). It made a world of difference!


I opted for a rainbow corn rather than the traditional yellow-orange-white. It’s so bright!! Seriously, make this. It’s easy and delicious.




  1. Looks amazing! You’ve completely inspired me. I’ll have to give it a shot. I sense a few trial and error batches though before things get right :/

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