I Did Some Weaving


So, I’ve finished my first weaving on the loom I put together and I’m pretty happy with it. I used the 100% wool yarn (from Scottish sheep) I picked up in Edinburgh a couple years ago when J and I visited (along with some other stash yarn). I based the design on our last afternoon exploring the city where we ended up on top of Calton Hill just in time for the sunset. We accidentally timed it perfectly to watch the sun go down then walk to the train station and head back to London via Glasgow – we’ve been lucky travelers, things just seem to work out for us We didn’t even think we had enough time to see Calton Hill, then suddenly we found ourselves standing at the top! Some more pictures of the weaving as well as some snaps from our 2012 Edinburgh trip after the jump.



^ K1 Yarns – The super cute shop where I bought the yarn. I got 4 rolls of the bright blue and a couple skeins of the soft white, one of which I made into a snood for my Mom (if you are a Ravelry user you can see the snood here!)



^ Robert (Robbie) Burns Memorial on the way up to Calton Hill


^ Calton Hill. That thing is big. Also it was December so it was really friggin’ cold.

11_05_2014_09 11_05_2014_08

^ Arthur’s Seat in the background.

The weaving!





It’s pretty self explanatory, but the large triangle is Calton Hill and the circle is… you guessed it… the sun setting. I’ve hung it from an arbutus branch gathered from the yard. Not bad for my first weaving! ❤



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