Exploring Gabriola: The Millstones


Gabriola had an active sandstone quarry in the 1920’s and 1930’s, producing stone for historic buildings in Vancouver and Victoria (and elsewhere). It has since sat abandoned, but the large stone cutouts remain. The land was donated to the Islands Trust Fund by the Coats family, where it is now a nature reserve. We didn’t know about it until someone mentioned its existence while we were searching for Suzie… apparently deer and other animals have fallen into the stone pits and drowned, so we wanted to ensure for our own peace of mind that she was not near them (she wasn’t!). The trail is open up to the lookout, but the millstone area is actually closed to the public because it is unsafe – to get up there is quite a scramble and when you get to the top of the cliff it’s really mossy and there are lots of pits filled with water. We were totally rebellious though and went there anyways. Here are some photos.



11_11_2014_21 11_11_2014_20  11_11_2014_18 11_11_2014_17

11_11_2014_19 11_11_2014_16 11_11_2014_15 11_11_2014_14 11_11_2014_13   11_11_2014_10


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