Foods: Wolf in the Fog


While in Tofino we ate two great meals. The first was lunch at SOBO and the second was dinner at Wolf in the Fog. It was easily the best dinner I have had in ages and it happened totally by accident.



After eating a late lunch we watched the sunset at 4:30pm (ugh) then went out in the dark to have some drinks at about 5:30pm. Strangely enough, everything seemed to be closed! We walked through downtown and found a place that was all lit up, so we went inside. They asked if we had reservations (good sign) which we didn’t (bad sign), but they managed to place us at the only 2 seats open at the bar, right next to the food pickup window. It couldn’t have been more perfect because even though we weren’t hungry we saw all the food going out and it looked AMAZING. So we ordered food anyhow.


To drink we had a punch bowl called Black Tide Bowl – plum szchewan brandy, fresh orange, black tea granite. SO GOOD.


^ J had the confit pork – prume plums, grilled rosemary bread


^ I had the most amazing roasted fall vegetable salad with wild mushrooms and truffle dressing on a smear of pureed celeriac with roasted turnips, parsnips, and carrots topped with shredded apple slaw and crispy carrot and turnip chips. I nearly died, it was that good. I have even included the photo twice! Seriously, how dare this plate of food be so delicious when if I want to eat it again I need to drive for 5 hours??


Dessert was called the Tofino Blackout – flourless chocolate cake with some type of crispy meringue chunks and topped with chocolate gelato and cubes of even more chocolate. AHHHH. Amazing.

11_23_2014_21 11_23_2014_16

The decor was also seriously on point. Beautiful custom bar millwork with mirror back and strip light accents, great light fixtures, and fantastic attention to detail. And the kitchen was so huge and well equipped J was practically drooling all over the bar top looking at it. The atmosphere was warm and the staff were super friendly and attentive – more so than any place I’ve eaten lately – these guys really seem to care about the eating experience. In fact, it was pretty obvious that they care a great deal about food in general, it’s written all over their menu and in the was they served each dish with pride.

We stumbled on this place totally by accident, and it turns out it was just named Canada’s BEST NEW RESTAURANT – not at all surprising!!! Stop everything you are doing and get your butt to Tofino. Now.

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