Foods: Salt Spring Island Cheese Company


Also while on Salt Spring Island for the huge book sale we visited the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company. I absolutely love their goat cheese so it was nice to see where the cheese are made, and also to meet the goats the milk comes from. GOATS ARE SO CUTE.


^ Adorable goats. Also, um does that brown one have a Harry Potter lightning bolt on his side??? *swoon*


Remember when I learned to make my own goat chevre? Well, these guys do it on a seriously more professional and efficient scale. Amazing. Damn you all for making me want to get a goat!!


The small shop was packed with delicious cheeses (all made on site) as well as locally made jams, jellies and infused honey. They also carry Dogwood Ridge soap products, which have just about the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. I grabbed a jasmine scented one and almost don’t even want to use it because then it will be gone.

11_27_2014_15 11_27_2014_14 11_27_2014_13

Yay for goats!!


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