Foods: Tree House Cafe


TREE HOUSE CAFE. We went there after the book sale and it was delicious.



I had the roasted yam burrito with a spinach salad and fresh guacamole. It always makes me happy when I get a salad and it has something other than romaine lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in it (all drowned in oily dressing, of course). Not that there’s anything wrong with lettuce, tomato and cucumber… but for people who make a meal of a salad there needs to be some kind of protein, iron or other benefit. And also not be soaked in fatty oil.

A word on salads: This salad had spinach (better than lettuce! For even more protein use kale), pumpkin seeds (infinitely superior to NO SEEDS which always happens), pea shoots (also better to have 2 types of greens rather than just one), mushrooms (way more iron content than both cucumbers and tomatoes which have about 1% of your daily intake for each 100 grams whereas mushrooms have more like 19%) and red onions (very tasty. Also, paired with the mushrooms this salad has two different textures which is better than the double soggy texture combination of tomato and cucumber). And super points for having the dressing on the side, because often when salads are tossed in oil that’s all you taste. I, for one, enjoy the taste of vegetables and usually only put minimal amounts of dressing on it. See how this salad has some iron and protein in it? That’s good for low-iron ladies like myself, and also protein anywhere I can get it is a plus. Add some cheese and you get more complete proteins. (More on vegetarian proteins here!)

Now that that’s out of the way, I applaud the Tree House Cafe for doing salad right! And roasted yams with spicy black beans are super yum. AND the actual restaurant? SO ADORABLE.

11_27_2014_06  11_27_2014_04

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