Book Review: Yes Please

2D274905957270-YesPlease.blocks_desktop_mediumRead for: The funnies

Rating: 3/5

Full disclosure; I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with comedy. I love laughing and I love funny things. I basically do my best to be funny and light-hearted all day long… who wants to be serious when you can be an utter goofball? Being serious sucks. You could quite literally fall down a flight of stairs in front of me and I will laugh about it (maybe this just proves that my sense of humour isn’t the way it should be and I’m poorly adjusted socially, who knows). But when it comes to comedy books and comedy tv shows and comedy movies, sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to think everything I’m seeing is hilarious and then I kind of crumble under the pressure of jokes that I don’t think are funny and it destroys my enjoyment of said comedy thing. Like sometimes people are just trying too hard to be funny and it’s almost painful to witness? Of course on the flip side of this, I’m sure I am every comedians nightmare – as Seinfeld once pointed out “What if they don’t laugh?” I’m probably stressing out comedians all over the internet just by starting out my review like this. Let’s move on.

Not that I’m saying Amy Poehler isn’t funny, I think she is super funny! But I don’t watch SNL or Parks and Rec or seek out stand up comedy in comedy clubs (do we still have those?), so a lot of the things she writes about are a bit of a mystery to me. That said, there were plenty of times I was entertained and smiling along, and I even paused the audiobook (probably way better than reading the book myself, by the way, and I said the same thing about Mindy Kaling‘s book) to youtube the video of Amy doing the infamous Sarah Palin rap because apparently I was living in a cave and hadn’t seen it. I’m an animal! And I’m bigger than you! Hahaha. It’s so good, and made even better by the fact that Amy nailed that while she was 9 MONTHS PREGNANT. She’s a super woman! Anyways, yes this book is funny. But Amy also spends a lot of time writing about the actual process of writing the book. Doesn’t that ruin the magic? It’s too meta!! Ok seriously, I really don’t have anything bad to say about Yes Please; it was light and fluffy reading and the audiobook version was definitely entertaining. Support our ladies of comedy and check it out!

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