Creating a Brew Room


Since I am now a master of kombucha brewing, heh heh, it seems only fitting to have an area where I can store all the various bottles and equipment so they won’t be in the way. We have been collecting bottles and other glass items since moving here and they have been stashed in all different areas of the house, mostly in the kitchen or linen closets, but we thought it would be great to have them all together somewhere for easy access. We found some wire shelves on sale over the weekend and bought two to put in our laundry room. This area of the house hasn’t been addressed yet, but I have planned out some shelving for over the washer and dryer, and something to hide the water heater and ancient pump (remember when we put in the carbon filter? We’ve painted this room since, but that’s all that has happened here.) The set up isn’t super pretty, but it’s definitely more functional!



I love these shelves, they are so simple and super sturdy. We’ve put them on the wall between the pump and heater, and loaded them with bottles, carboys, funnels, filters, soap nuts and laundry items. Oh, and the kombucha!


^ I’ve drawn up a millwork piece to be installed on the washer/dryer wall to conceal the heater and all the various vents and hoses, as well as provide shelving and a hang rack for laundry. I nearly tossed the white sink, but decided to keep it as there is a sink hookup in place, we just need to plumb it in and it will be really helpful for washing and sterilizing bottles.


^ Our plum wine is still fermenting away, I’m getting excited about tasting it! I’ve also got another bottle of apple juice on deck for making apple drank. We are looking forward to learning to make our own sodas and beer as well.


My latest batch of kombu was bottled this afternoon in 3 secondary ferment flavours; orange (fresh), pomegranate (fresh) and cherry (frozen, from the summer).  Also, check out those sweet swing top bottles! I bought a few bottles of Witch’s Broom Cider from Sea Cider (Saanich, BC) and not only were they delicious, but the bottles are fantastic for kombucha.


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