Learning About Mushrooms Pt. 2




I collected all of these squishy specimens on a single walk through the Elder Cedar trail and I’m going to attempt to figure out what all of them are! Here are the pictures:


This mushroom has the really neat looking pore underside (rather than gills), but I’m not sure what it is beyond knowing it is in the bolete family. Possibly it is a suillus caerulescens, though I didn’t notice any blue or clay red bruising when I handled it.



Hygrocybe miniata AKA the vermillion waxcap. Pretty sure about this one as there don’t seem to be any lookalikes.



It’s hard to tell, but maybe this one is also a vermillion waxcap, but just older and bigger and less bright?



^ Here are some tiny helvella elastica mushrooms. I absolutely adore that the mushroom expert calls them an “odd little floppy-pants.” They totally are.


Possibly an Amanita constricta, which is part of the a. vaginata family.

11_27_2014_21 11_27_2014_18

^ At first I thought these were Lepiota magnispora but on further flipping through my mushroom book I think they might actually be stropharia ambigua.

And here are some more photos that I haven’t yet identified. As I figure them out I’ll update this post, but for now just look at all the pretty specimens!






  1. wonderful hobby.. we only look for edibles… just be careful to wash you hands after handling the Poisonous ones… you never know what may happen if you happen to touch your face or mouth. We have found some that were psychoactive and could transmit some of the biochemicals through the skin… just what I need is to be out of my mind with a 6 year old in the house

    • I bring a tupperware or yogurt container with me and just fill it up! I’ve seen people use compartmentalized boxes (like for fishing tackle) which looks neat too

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