Introducing: Milhouse (Millie)

12_30_2014_03 Just look at this cutie!!! She popped up on the Gabriola community page looking for a new home because her current owner didn’t have enough time for her. She is a two year old Netherland Dwarf mix (not sure what else she is, lionhead maybe?) that until recently was a 4-H project. She’s been handled a lot so she’s fine being picked up and climbing all over you when you sit on the couch, which I really like. She also made friends with Suze right quick! She is living in her own private indoor condo while the other buns adjust to her presence, which is a step up from the outdoor hutch she was in before. So far she loves running around the house and eating fresh veggies (her previous owners, friends of ours, admitted they sometimes forgot to feed her. Poor muffin!) I hope we can make her happy in the years to come. Seriously LOOK AT HER FACE I’m dying from the cute. 12_30_2014_02


    • Oops youre going to want to follow my other IG account then, i just did a big “accounts” cleanup and am merging the bunny account with my personal account, renamed to @foxonanisland :)))

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