The Year is Almost Over!


I hope that everyone has been having a good holiday season! I spent the 25th in the DTES serving food and providing support to the residents, as I have for the last 6 years running. This year was quiet and the dinner service went smoothly; we served turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, cranberries, gravy, cookies, maple pecan bars and sandwiches to 150 people. Oh, and presents with fresh socks and gloves, chocolates, candy canes and hot chocolate! It is truly heartwarming to see the number of donations and volunteers surge during the holidays as this time of the year can be very depressing and/or traumatic for a lot of people. It may be a happy season for some of us, but it serves as a cold reminder to many others of families grown apart or lost, unhappy childhoods, and of lives spent in poverty. Did anyone else spend xmas day giving back to their community? I want to hear about what you did!

My family has been gradually phasing out xmas celebrations, and this year was our best year yet! My Mom and step-dad treated themselves to a holiday in Hawaii, and my sister, Dad and I had a simple and delicious meal made by my sister. The only material gifts I received this year were a box of Purdy’s chocolates and a pair of amazingly comfortable Toms slippers. The only material gifts I gave this year were some LUSH products to J, and some melt and pour soap ingredients so he can make some of his own soap in the new year. Non-purchased gifts I gave this year were a scoby to my sister so she can make her own kombucha, and some of the dill pickles I made this summer (they turned out amazing, BTW). As a gift to my Dad I phoned his internet, phone and cable companies and cleaned up his service subscriptions reducing his monthly bill by a staggering $400/mo.

J and I also each gave the gift of a warm and comfy home to a new animal… it’s turning into the Ace Ventura house around here!

Happy new years everyone!


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