DIY Chicken Feeders


Now that we have 10 chickens and 4 ducks all living together, the food bowls were being emptied pretty regularly. We have also seen evidence of raccoons in the enclosure during the night to snack on whatever pellets are left out so we moved all the food inside. Alas, ducks are super messy!! They spray water and mud everywhere, squirt out very liquidy poos and trample through everything within reach. So food dishes left on the floor of the coop during the night were a mucky mess by the morning… gross. As a more sanitary and sustainable solution J rigged up some DIY feeders using white pipe from the hardware store.


This was a ridiculously easy solution, and didn’t cost very much either. We bought two 4′ lengths of white pvc pipe (I think it’s 8″ dia), 4 end caps, 2 of the 2-pronged pieces, and some metal strapping to secure them to the wall inside the coop. The final result is a pair of feeders that can be filled with pellets (no more chickens breaking into the feedbag and spilling it all over the floor!) and refill the “bowl” portion as pellets are eaten. The access is high enough that all birds can reach with ease but not poop inside, and there is way less wastage.

We originally filled one with pellets and one with scratch, but that was silly because they all ate the scratch right away and ignored the pellets haha. They now both hold pellets. Next on the to do list is a waterer that works the same way – we’ve already ordered a pile of “poultry nipples“. Which by the way is the yuckiest name ever.



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