House Projects for 2015


There are still some big things to be done around the house. While the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom are top of my list of “Wants”, we are probably not going to get them right away. But we can do all the little jobs around the house including a further fix up of the laundry room and some other things.


When we first moved in, the wood stove downstairs had a brick surround with a gap behind it that was filled with spiders. Soooo we took it down shortly after painting and utilized the bricks in the backyard. Since then the wall has looked pretty rough… but we finally patch the holes sanded it down and painted it to match the rest of the wall. We have yet to deal with the gap left on the floor, but it’s one more step in the right direction!



Next up is the laundry room, where we just set up our brew/kombucha area. The wall with the machines and water heater lacks storage and also looks super messy, so we built a closet around the heater and will install shelves and a hang rod over the machines for laundry soap and towel storage.



I picked neutral colours for the walls in the rest of the house which J finds underwhelming, so he chose the colour for the wall in the laundry room. HOT PINK. Now the room is super bright and fun! More to come as we make progress.





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