RIP: Flip and Butters Went to Freezer Camp


The day has come and Flip and Butters, our two noisy cockerels, have been sent away to “freezer camp”. We took a great deal of time to think this over and tried valiantly to rehome these two on a farm where they wouldn’t be killed, but there were no takers. Roosters are plentiful but no one really wants them around here. We had two for a flock of 6 hens and that’s one too many, and they had also started to be aggressive with the hens to the point where at the end of the day some of the ladies were choosing to hide under the coop rather than go inside because the guys would just jump all over them. Of course, there is also the noise factor. I’m not sure if these two were a bit simple or what, but they crowed all night long and it was driving me (and I’m sure the neighbours) totally crazy. There are some videos of the boys after the jump, as well as some chicken humour from Friends and Seinfeld.

This morning we sent them off to a couple down the road who do humane processing and in exchange they can keep one of the birds. There is a method where you hold the bird by the feet and gently swing them upside down to rush blood to the head which makes them dizzy and disoriented. Then after that it is quick. We are only going to bring pullets into the flock from now on, no more unsexed chicks it’s just too sad!

With the loss of Pickles and Selma last week this brings us down to just 6 chickens, all of which are now laying. Yesterday we unloaded about 25 eggs on the neighbours and we still got another half dozen this morning. Time to make some more lemon curd I guess!

And some other rooster related clips from TV that pretty much sum up the experience of living with roosters (except maybe the cock fighting).

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