New Fenced Planter Area


J is building a fancy fence around the upper area of the back yard to protect our new planters. He is using 4×4 posts and rebar – and it is looking amazing!



We are setting up 3 gates, one on each side and one in the centre with a pergola over it, and each will be painted a bright colour (colour choices TBA) I’m big into bright yellow at the moment, but nothing is for sure yet 🙂 There is still a lot of work left to go, and we hope to have plants growing over the fence in most places to make it more green. But it’s a great start!



^ Here is the pergola, which we have dubbed the Kanye Pergola, because, obviously. Also check out the new planters! Weeeeeee



We also were given about 2 cords worth of wood from J’s employer down the street – J bucked it up and brought it home before the trip and now it needs a shed to live in. A cord of wood is 4′ x 4′ x 8′ in dimension and they have been selling for between $250 and $300 around here… not an expense we are able to make at the moment but being able to use the wood stove is important as the electric heat is also very expensive (why does everything have to cost money??). Some of the wood is temporarily stacked beside the house, and the rest is being set up in it’s new location near the new fence. Hopefully no one steals it… some people on the island have had their fire wood stolen! Who does that, seriously?



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